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Re: Naruto_662

A Jericho Prediction

Naruto 663: “My plan”

White Zetsu appearing beside Madara as he is walking, “it seems the Kazekage is trying to save the Uzumaki brat. How pointless don’t you think?”

Madara, “it is all pointless now that I have all the bijuu.”

Obito is struggling with the Black Zetsu, “get off of me, just let me die!”

Black Zetsu, “no way I need this eye then I will be gone”

Kakashi, “sensei, we need to…”

Minato, “Naruto?!”

We see that he is looking at Gaara traveling towards them with Sakura trying to heal a still fading Naruto.

Minato,{ this can’t be, I don’t sense Kurama inside him any more.} “Kakashi I am sorry but…”

Kakashi, “go Sensei, it was good fighting beside you again, save Naruto!”

Minato appears on the other side of Naruto, “what happened?!”

Gaara, “Madara Uchiha.”

We see Madara talking landing beside the Spiral Face, “I see you found the present day Kage, I have exhausted any interest in them. Did you complete your mission I gave you?”

Spiral Face, “I sure did, like a good boy. They are on the way here now.”

Madara, “Good, I shall leave this to you then.”

Tsunade, “wait, you Madara Uchiha the liar!”

Madara turns to her direction, “what did you say?”

Orochimaru behind the stone, “what are you doing Tsunade?”

Tsunade, “You are a lover of war and combat, you can’t deny that. So what is your real plan, because a Genjutsu of peace isn‘t your style?”

Karin, “Sasuke, Sasuke…don’t die.”

We see Sasuke laying still until someone comes and picks him up, they are not shown. But they walk off carrying him.

Naruto is still motionless.

Minato, “then you have to help me put the fox inside of me, into Naruto.”

Gaara, “I know, that is why I made sure we had the best med ninja available, student of Tsunade-sama, Sakura Haruno.”

Sakura, {I will not let you die.} “let’s do it then, he won’t last long like this!”

Kakashi, “Obito, I must end this.”

Obito, “Do it!”

Suddenly Kakashi warps Obito’s RG with Kamui.

Black Zetsu, “hey, no fair! Dammit! Well your going to die but, you will be part of the plan so you will be back, Obito.”

Obito falls as Blas Zetsu leaves him, “what? A plan…be back?”

Black Zetsu standing over Obito, “yeah the real plan is about to go into effect, the genjutsu plan was just to bring you in.”

Suddenly a chidori comes form behind killing black Zetsu.

Kakashi grabs Obito, “old friend, you don’t have much time, I am…”

Obito, “save your apology, take this [he yanks his eye out and hands it to Kakashi] and use our eyes for better things than I did.”

He dies.

Kakashi, “I already have an idea, Obito Uchiha hero of the leaf.”

We see the battlefield but it is covered with many small containers.
Tsunade, “these are…”

Oonki, “these can’t be, is he really going to…”

Madara, “Summoning jutsu!”

The Gedo Statue appears.

Spiral face, “well since no one will answer my question I guess I will never know.”

Madara walks up behind him as the Spiral Face wraps around him, the RG is visible.

Zetsu is beside him, “the other eye is gone, that Kakashi guy sent it to the kamui dimension.”

Madara is being connected to the Gedo Statue, “no matter, it will be retrieved eventually.”

Everyone around is being wrapped in mokuton branches unable to move.

Orochimaru and his team are still out of sight.

Orochimaru, “So that it is then…all this time he..”

Madara, “Jutsu of the six paths, reincarnation jutsu!”

Suddenly all the small containers shake and break, then the Six paths reincarnation face appears and figures begin to walk out of it.

Everyone looks shocked.

Madara Uchiha, “yes, it finally comes to completion.”

Someone walks up directly in front of Madara.

Madara, “Hello, brother,”

It is Izuna Uchiha standing with MS activated and an army of SG activated Uchiha behind him.

Orochimaru, “it’s time to go.”

Next Issue, “sight”
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