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Re: bleach 566

It is a shame we have such potential within this final arc and the beasts have yet to show off.....

Would of been better if he would of showed off Grimmjow first being the last Espada
THen show us Renji and Rukia's ascension
Byakuya showing us how their little powerup barely compares to a captain of the 13 Gotei.
Ishida vs Ruling Commander (Juha Bach's right hand man, forgot his name)
Zenpachi vs Masculine Man (just for the sheer humor of destroying him..)
Chad and Inoue actually matter this arc and showcase their growth..... Inoue mass healing people and Chad beating some SR without a problem.
Ishida getting beat and set up just to be absorbed back in Juha...
Ichigo going beast mode to rush to SS
Urahara coming in fighting Juha Bach, only to be guarded by the top brass of the SR.. Show Urahara going off and Juha kicking his ass...give us some real us some raw gritty moments....I wanna feel like the world is about to crumble....Ichigo shows up and lays everyone to waste being pushed to a corner only to explode with power and potential...this Manga could still have a flicker of life to it....
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