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Re: Naruto_663

Originally Posted by Xethorsiph View Post
"Sakura gave Naruto mouth to mouth! That proves NaruSaku, manga facts!"

At least Madara's 6 paths form doesn't look retarded, and I'm actually genuinely curious who the "mysterious person" approaching Sasuke is. My first guess goes to Kabuto, but I'm hoping for someone better. The spiral zetsu seems to be under the impression this person will be trying to kill sasuke (And btw, who was inside that Zetsu?)
EXACTLY! who the fuck is that inside Zetsu??? Also what did I say lol Oro would take him down lol. (though with combined help) Karin going all Kushina was nice...and Suigetsu using the bang bang gun shot..sweet...
Madara doesn't look stupid but kinda reminded me of the brother Silver and Gold. Who approached Sasuke and Tobirama saying he wish he could send his soul to Sasuke? Like someone said Minato will seal his half of the kyuubi within Naruto....

Kabuto freeing himself and recognizing his true self would be a great way to bring him back in thanking Itachi for showing him the wrongs of his ways...Also a nice way to reintroduce him to Orochimaru. Hell maybe finger crossing he will save Yamato who has been left to die in Guantanamo Prison.
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