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Re: Naruto_663

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Ah I see, I take back what I said about the healing.

Chains still an asspull though, no amount of "She's an Uzumaki" can mitigate the fact that it came out of nowhere.

As for the second part of your post, No. Nothing indicates that she did any kind of training up to this point. This is BS asspulling/power of love crap.
Talk to Kishi about giving time for side characters....I mean hell if we look at it this way the entire war has been an ass pull because of the characters/development that have lacked in the story thus far. Choji,Ino, lol even Sakura being able to use the same tech as Tsunade...were all developed off screen/panel. It isn't that far of a stretch IMO but Kishi allowed this to happen with poor development. Focusing on a whim it seemed on Sasuke and Naruto only. I get what you're saying but at this point let's just roll with it.
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