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Re: Naruto_663

here's my thoughts on the bloodline

so6p had 2 son's one eye one body

the younger son had 2 children my guess one (son) senju the other (daughter mostly the women seem to hold the power )Uzumaki now since the younger son ruled with love the two clans would be on good standing

now the older son most likely had two children but im guessing that one was born with the power of the eye's and one didn't since the older son ruled by power this would explain y the 2 eye clans are not on good standing

now as far as we know all huuga's have the bakugan's since birth and the uciha's have to have a painful moment

now what im guessing is that the huuga's are the older clan of the older son they where born with the power and there for was loved by the older son

where as the younger uciha's gained there power after from the hate and jealousy

this would explain y not every uciha has the sarringan
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