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Re: Naruto_663

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
You don't inherit sage mode and besides that how could you enhance 64 palms even further? It already closes the point what else could it do beyond that? Destroy it? ._.

EDIT: that tree can't be right. If the Uchiha were direct descendants of the elder then it would be better to say the Hyuuga are a devolution of the Uchiha since the Uchiha had to come first. Kakashi may have suggested it the two eyes were related but that's what the characters believed, they could be completely unrelated to begin with.
i think wat he meant is that naruto would teach his child sage mode which in turns powers up the 64 palms because sage mode makes everything stronger if he get's with hinata that is

the tree makes since to a point
like why the hyuuga's have a sub family and y the uchiha's are not born with the sharingan it could be because they lack signs of the eye power and were kick to the side and gain the power from the hate kind of like neji although i still think that the two clan are both son's of the elder because eye tech come form the sage so they both have to be related somehow to the older son
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