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Re: Naruto_663

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
It's plausible but characters have been wrong before such as how everyone was sure the RG was a myth. But understand here when they were doing their little story i.e clearing up the legend, they never even mentioned Hyuuga. Keep in mind how when they mentioned Uzumaki they were distant relatives of the Senju yet Hyuuga does not fit anywhere in this picture if they were related to Uchiha Kishi would've said so by now.

So you're saying Byakugan could not exist independent of the sage? I don't how it's not possible, I see it as clear as day that it could have been possible even looking at the eye characteristics itself. Sharingan evolves into RG yet Byakugan stays a plain dull white eye. The Sharingan and Rinnegan needs emotion to activate(See: Sasuke, Itachi Nagato and all other Uchiha) Byakugan requires training. Another one is that you aren't born with the eyes active unlike Byakugan. As I said to TSO, if Hyuuga were related to Uchiha then they would have been mentioned as relatives as Uzumaki and Senju were but they weren't it was just a rumor by Kakashi and we all know rumors aren't always 100% true.

Because I'm not even sure myself where Byakugan ties into this so I can't just Byakugan came from the elder son without conclusive evidence. It's like how we all said Tobi=Obito was implausible and beyond retarded yet we couldn't disprove it then what does Kishi do?

Sharingan only evolves into rinnegan if both sides of the clans are blended in one body. Also again the story has only focused on Uchihas and senjus. They have not elaborated on the Hyuugas since part one. Also the byakugan just by look if you add more circles looks like a rinnegan just as if you add more tomoes to the sharingan it looks kinda like the sharinnegan. Eyes could of started out white and ended up red-pale purple due to the hate and curse of the Uchiha. The byakugan does not require pain or loss. Also it can't be said the rg requires such emotion since Nagato was the only case of example. Madaras activated near death and outside that there was only the sage.

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