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Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
It's plausible but characters have been wrong before such as how everyone was sure the RG was a myth. But understand here when they were doing their little story i.e clearing up the legend, they never even mentioned Hyuuga. Keep in mind how when they mentioned Uzumaki they were distant relatives of the Senju yet Hyuuga does not fit anywhere in this picture if they were related to Uchiha Kishi would've said so by now.

So you're saying Byakugan could not exist independent of the sage? I don't how it's not possible, I see it as clear as day that it could have been possible even looking at the eye characteristics itself. Sharingan evolves into RG yet Byakugan stays a plain dull white eye. The Sharingan and Rinnegan needs emotion to activate(See: Sasuke, Itachi Nagato and all other Uchiha) Byakugan requires training. Another one is that you aren't born with the eyes active unlike Byakugan. As I said to TSO, if Hyuuga were related to Uchiha then they would have been mentioned as relatives as Uzumaki and Senju were but they weren't it was just a rumor by Kakashi and we all know rumors aren't always 100% true.

Because I'm not even sure myself where Byakugan ties into this so I can't just Byakugan came from the elder son without conclusive evidence. It's like how we all said Tobi=Obito was implausible and beyond retarded yet we couldn't disprove it then what does Kishi do?
I am saying that in a world where no one used chakra and weren't born with the ability to see nor use chakra naturally until the first sage taught the ninja world to mold chakra and use jutsus, I do not see how it is plausible for any clan to be born with the genetic, naturally ability to see chakra nor naturally do anything else related to chakra if they are not genetically related to the 1st sage. The fact that you are born with an active Byakugan is even more reason to believe that this is something that connects back to the first sage, as his eldest son was born with a dojutsu. And if Hyuuga were related to Uchiha or anyone else, Kishi will mention it at a time of his choosing just like he did with revealing Minato was Naruto's father and Karin was Uzumaki.

Tobi being Obito was plausible, and one would have to be retarded not to see the plausibility and even go so far as to call those who could see it Obitards. It became a theory because it was plausible to many, but Kishi didn't reveal it until he was ready, although he had plenty of time to do so. Kishi reveals what he wants when he's ready.
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