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Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
I don't mean to be a smartass but chakra did exist otherwise the sage couldn't have taught people to use it. At first it was Nishu or some shit that was a substitute for ninjutsu back then. The Byakugan isn't always active and for the last part Kishi will prob never even touch upon this. Neji died Hyuugas lost their relevance right there. It's not impossible that the Uchiha and Byakugan had different bloodlines. They just don't share the characteristics sharingan and Rinnegan have.

I was giving an example of how everyone on forums had the debate and most were dubbed Obitards. As I said before Hyuuga lost it's relevance so he prob won't even touch upon this.

That's what we've been on the past twenty or so posts. Kakashi hasn't been proven wrong but at the same time doesn't mean he's right. Characters can get proven wrong as shown previously that was my point.
I never said that chakra did not exist. What I said and the point I was making was that no one could naturally use chakra just because their genetics allowed for it until the first sage. In Haku's backstory, it was shown that he was never taught to use any jutsu, but because he had the genetics of his clan, he one day just happened to combine wind and water without even knowing he could do this. Before the first sage and his genetics he received and passed from his mother eating the Juubi fruit, no one had any natural, genetic abilities to do anything with chakra.

Hyuugas haven't lost their relevance until Kish decides they have. You cannot just say that since Neji died, Hyuugas have lost their relevance. Hinata, a Hyuuga, has been crushing over Naruto, an Uzumaki and hero of this story, since the beginning of this manga.

Rinnegan, Sharingan, and Byakugan all share one important characteristic, which is that they can all see chakra, something no one was born to be able to manipulate nor see naturally until the first sage was born and then had his own sons.

Yes, many people on different forums thought it was implausible for Tobi to be Obito, but there were many others who saw it as being plausible. Just because someone or many or even most cannot see something or choose not to see it does not necessarily make it implausible, especially not when many others can see the plausibility in it.

edit- I forgot to respond to you saying the Byakugan isn't always active. It's always active to a point where the Hyuugas all have white eyes unless they have a curse seal placed on them, die, and that seal locks away their always-active Byakugan like it did with Neji's father, whose eyes then went from white to brown, I believe. They send chakra to their eyes to see further away or more intensely at something, but the white eye suggests that their Byakigan dojutsu is always active to a degree, the degree that they appear white.
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