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Re: Naruto_664

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
Oro can't sense chakra to begin with. Black Zetsu stole Kurama by coming between Minato and Naruto. Remember, his power? He is the Earth. He traveled underneath and interrupted the transfer.
EOJ even though you deleted your posts I guess not to be proven wrong about Orochimaru not being able to sense or use sage mode now... You also deleted your post about Minato using kyuubi chakra to make Minato a sensor..even though Minato is a sensor himself....

Um do you know that Oro has almost a complete Hashi body....that body is Zetsu who can sense and travel underground....we just went over this like what last week. He says stole like he is in possession of Kyuubi I can understand coming in between the transfer but stealing the kyuubi..i don't get.

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
Kurama grants sensor abilities to his host.

why would you state Kyuubi grants him? Notice Minato is not using the chakra cloak. He is using his own chakra. Kyuubi didn't say switch to my chakra...he says try to change chakra to sensor....Kyuubi does not grant the power to become a sensor...Not even Naruto has that power..he only has the power to sense people using Sage mode..and Naruto is far better at synching with his jink/Kurama.
EOJ just to clarify...Kyuubi told Minato to sense around them..not use my chakra to become a sensor lol.....
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