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Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
I love how you can link me to the page that proves you're wrong and still not realize you're wrong.

Suigetsu makes your argument and then Jugo shoots it down. No, shit we know Kabuto's transformation was released. Jugo says that. Except Orochimaru doesn't steal that chakra. Jugo says that too. Orochimaru ONLY took his own chakra back. Jugo says this as well.

Kabuto's "Perfect Form" wasn't just Orochimaru. It was the combination of himself, Orochimaru (summons, snake jutsu, body modifications, Suigetsu (liquification), Karin (healing), AND Jugo (passively absorb natural energy).

Um actually nope....I gave you plenty links
Orochimaru takes his own chakra... that includes his sage chakra... Juugo corrects Suigetsu for assuming Oro was taking Kabuto's power/chakra as well. Juugo calms him by telling him Oro only touched "HIS" chakra...since Oro originally had the sage chakra. Kabuto only got that by as you agreed with me by genetically splicing others into his own dna makeup. Notice he says Oro didn't have the he already could store the chakra for sage mode...Kabuto only got where is he by assimilating Oro into his own body and that power taking over...His power is nothing but borrowed abilities...If you would again pay attention to the panel...Kabuto's sage transformation is being sucked up into Orochimaru
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