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Re: Naruto 665

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
I thought this chapter was awesome. Ok, Minato sage was stupid. But at least Tobito's redemption I can buy. He thought he was acting with Madara to bring about peace. He finally realized he was being used. The Tobito who doesn't turn he back on his friends is still in there. More belevable than half of the other TnJs we've seen.

Five bucks says Tobito kamui's Kyuubi back into Naruto.
I agree...I thought the chapter was good in regard to Obito's change of heart/character.

Def one of the better TnJ's...Honestly wasn't really a was just decent dialogue between the two. Madara saying Obito had a place with him as the savior of the world from this wicked evil chakra. Obito denouncing himself as Madara and stating he does not turn his back on his comrades (two decades later lol)..he is Obito Uchiha...I thought Kishi did a pretty good job in also comparing Obito now to the words Naruto spoke then.

Minato being a sage is def an asspull...only because he could of cleared this up eons ago. I mean how many debates did we go through in regard to him having a sage's cloak, being able to summon toads but never showed any training even mentioning it off panel....BAD!

Still trying to comprehend Madara's will vs what I thought were traits/abilities of the Sage.
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