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Re: Naruto 665

Oh, man. If Vengence is right and Kakashi is dead, this chapter was completely worth it!!

But he's not and it wasnt. Whole lot of talk to reiterate Naruto's philosophy and his new convert, Obito. What's he doing? Extracting the Kyuubi so both halves can be put into Naruto. How the hell is he doing that? No fucking clue but since when has that mattered?

So, weaken Freeza, er, Madara and put some major powers into Goku, er, Naruto, which will take some time as Bulma, uh, Sakura heals Goruto up leaving Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan, geez sorry, Kakashi, Gaara and dead Dad to hold off Madreeza off long enough until Vegeta, er, Sasuke can arrive until that's not enough and then AT LAST Naruku awakes and Spirit Rasengas the fuck out of Fredaraza!!

World Saved!

And then everyone grows up, has babies and Sasuke and Naruto finally compete in the arena to become Genins.

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