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Re: Ellen Page comes out

I think you're overstating the media distraction role in all this. Sports like the NFL have nothing but media distraction. While I agree that coming out should be that and no extra attention paid to it, it isn't that simple for the mere fact that more than enough people don't think being gay is normal. You said yourself "I don't agree with it". Whether or not it is your lifestyle doesn't matter. There's nothing to agree with; it just is and it is normal.

But because there are still ultra conservative and religious groups that smear homosexuality, we have to go through these motions of identifying and giving exposure to gay athletes so normalcy can finally take hold. In the end, it is how Sam handles himself behind the scenes that will make this a non-issue. The media will ask their questions, if he lives it as a "crusade", as you put it, then there's an issue. Don't put the media slant on the player.

And athletics does remain one of the most conservative and harsher environments, regardless of who you say "accepts or supports" gay athletes. Hell, you have that Incognito fellow who clearly demonstrates a reason why someone might not want to open up while in the sport.

As to something Mal said... a politician coming out as an atheist? BAHHAHAHAHHA... talk about an instantaneous loss.
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