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Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
By that definition EVERYBODY are cousins. Naruto and Sasuke are cousins. Tsunade and Orochimaru are cousins. Same goes for shikamaru and Karin. Raikage and Konohamaru. Rock Lee and Ooniki. etc... If any 2 people traced their ancestry back to the first ape to walk upright, they could technically claim some form of kinsmanship. LOL, you and I could be 178474747474774th cousins in that case.

If I showed up at your house and asked to crash there for tonight, would you let me? I mean you wouldn't turn away family amirite?
Let's not include real science into a manga of which all powers come from a fucking tree....

The Panel clearly says shinobi of Senju and Uzumaki were family no doesn't say anything about all shinobi. Hell as you said if your family have lived in a certain area for many generations the chances that you are related to your neighbor could be quite high. Same as Obama being related to George Bush...they ain't close in blood but the fact is they share a common ancestor/relative.
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