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Re: Naruto_664

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Why not? Does genetics work any different in the Narutoverse than it does in our world. Obviously not.

Precisely my point. At some point the branches of the family tree get so far apart that it doesn't even matter anymore. The Senju and Uzumaki could be 10th cousins or some shit like that, and 2 fucks wouldn't be given by either side.
Well yeah see Kabuto....they def work a bit differently esp since we don't have power booming in our stomachs. I can't really inject myself with dozens of diff dna and expect to be a powerhouse in a few days lol. Hell I can't implant an eye and use it immediately. Hell if I inject myself with Jesus Christs cells will I be able to walk on water? lol naw man...its a make believe world
Well personally I don't give two shits though the argument with Kael was they were cousins. I was just pointing out it ain't like Mito was Hashi's Aunt...On a tree it would be more likely they were distant cousins.

I will never battle anyone in terms of how they are related....where I am from just in my state I have over "OVER" 90 cousins...and I am cutting the number short just for talks sake. My family have lived here for forever and we seem to be related to almost anyone. I actually had to date outside my area just to avoid the issue lol. i know I can be related to my neighbor it's just something I have gotten over lol.
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