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Re: Naruto 666 Discussion

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
Errr. You realize Onito's power is used to transport himself? Hence why he couldn't warp himself as said in the panel. On the other hand Kakashi's eye is used to warp objects and/or people so theoretically Kakashi could've sent him into another dimension since he can't come back(his interdimensional travelling is null with Juubi.)
but u also realize that its the same dimension so if the ten tails can't go to that dimension by obito's power, who can also transport people and things too (with touch). i still don't see how a long range version of the same tech could. the reason he stated that he couldn't transport was the ten tail being inside him so kakashi with a lesser kamui shouldn't be able to do it to obito or madara
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