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Re: Naruto 665

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Hey HR, since you're now Kishi's White Knight/Press Agent, explain something for me. When exactly would Minato even have time to learn Senjutsu? Seriously? As a kid? An adult? Before Kakashi Gaiden or after? Pre-Hokage or during his (brief) reign?

Senjutsu isn't something you just learn quickly either. It took Naruto a few weeks of training even with clones being used. Without clones it would probably have taken several months. Minato certainly wouldn't have the ability as Hokage to leave the village to go learn something like that. He was also pretty damn busy during the 3rd Shinobi war. Not to mention after a war (See: Sand/Sound invasion of Konoha) the village is all in disorder and short handed for a while. Can't really train much in those conditions. And let's not forget the 3 years Minato was working on his Rasengan.

So yeah, I just don't see where he would have the time, nor why he has never fucking used it before now. Fucking frog Kata's and shit would have come in pretty handy in a lot of his fights amirite! Something about hitting a person with undetectably nature energy seems like it would work well against Obito (can you sense the sarcasm here), and enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes would be pretty nice when he was fighting Raikage and Bee. Not to mention all that pumped up chakra supply would be a real fucking asset when up against a goddamn tailed beast, like the kyuubi!!! So yes, this is an ass pull. And a horrible one at that. If you're going to give him SM at least let it be successful. Don't let him get shat on in less than a second.

On the plus side (because I try to see the good in every situation ) at least this chapter shut KYF up for a while. So much for that "Minato only lost an arm because he was holding back. Believe it!!!". C'mon LOL, you guys know you wanna.
I already did back when Naruto and Minato link the chakra he was able to since the ratio of the chakra meditation and thus achieve Sage Mode himself. Minato being a sensor could feel the balance back when Naruto added sage chakra to his kyuubi baseman.

Remember when Naruto first got kyuubi mode he was able to sense malice. Minato had the same ability. Chakra in this universe is real. Malice is just an emotion. It's not that big of an Asspull. He was able to sit still while Obito was nth with Madara
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