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Re: Naruto_669

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
Why would Minato need Kakashi to warp him. Dude's got FTG. I think the warping was for Madara's other balls which he used as a shield to surround himself. Kakashi just took that away right after Gai punched him through.
You misconstrued what I was saying....
Minato can't make seals anymore...thus the reason Lee threw his kunai so he could teleport there. (Via mouth)
Kakashi could only warp the black balls if he got close because he was going blind in his left eye. So Minato took the hit because he's an edo..Kakashi warped Minato and the black balls into Kamui

Maybe I am not understanding you lol but I am not disagreeing...My original post says that...the balls get warped into Kamui with Minato......I know that was the strategy so what exactly are you not agreeing with?

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Now that Madara lost his black balls maybe we will see some actual ninjutsu worthy of a sage

Also Minato warped the balls away. Kakashi kamui power was used to open Madara sphere so Guy could land a punch
Wasn't the main point for Kakashi to get close so he could teleport them to Kamui? To separate them from Madara's control?
If Minato did in fact teleport them it defeated the entire dialogue from this panel lol.
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