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Re: naruto_670

Anyone notice that Madara wasn't completely right about the So6P story?

It was never mentioned before that he had a brother, or that Mom came from a "far off land".
Heck even the stuff about his sons wasn't exact. Ashura didn't inherit a damn thing, he worked hard for it.
Also the time line is corrected. at fruit.
2.had twins.
3.twins fought the 10 tails,guess mom was dead or busy.
4.twins split the ten tails.
*guessing the chakra went into Hog and the body into the other brother.
5.he had twins.
6.the grew up went different paths
7.he split the ten into 9 beasts after being inspired by Ash(groovy)
8.he chose Ashura to be the next leader of Ninshuu aka Sage of Six Paths,and probably caretaker of the Bijuu
9. Brothers at war, the cycle begins
10(?). beginning of the clans

Also for all we know there last names were still Kaguya, due to no mention of his dad or his wife. I assume Kaguya was still dominant. So Senju and Uchiha came from Kaguya clan.

oh and Hashi and Madara are not the reincarnations, just cause they have similar issues. throughout history people will have the same story. One person has beliefs another has different then,they fight over it or come to terms with it or both. The true reincarnates are Naruto and Sasuke.

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