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Fear of Death?

yeah.. I have a fear of death... sometimes it totally freaks me out when I think about death indepths!.... Sometimes it's amazing how the mind can impact the way you feel emotionally!....

When I think about me no longer existing in this world, while the rest of the world is still going on with everyone else in it living their lives.... it totally freaks me out! Sometimes I can not sleep at night when I start to have these thoughts! So I have to try really hard to think about happy thoughts!...

Probably something I fear most is the death of a lost of a love one!.... If I ever had to see my mom go through death!.... I'd be super sad!.... Probably words can not begin to describe the pain, the sadness I would have to go through... I probably won't even know how painful it is until it happens to me, which I hope will not be anytime soon!.... I don't know wat I would do if a death happens in my family!... I love my family to death!.. my Grandma, uncles, aunties, lil cute cousins, mom, brother, etc...
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