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Okay this may not neccessarily be scary, but it's true, it happened to me!
I believe in ghosts, and we have some in our house.

One night I was in my bedroom sorting through some old papers, y'know, shit I'd kept for no reason, and throwing out what I didn't need. My parents were out. It was about 8:30 pm during the winter (So it was already canny dark). I had my door open. Now, where I was sitting, was facing the doorway, and the corridor light was off. I was in silence. Suddenly, I see this little girl in a red dress run past my door (this would be the end of the corridor). I was so scared I sat there for a few moments, then leapt up, locked my door and put my music on. I'm absolutely terrified by little girls in red dresses now (like the one on Project Zero II).

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