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Manga and Anime?!?!?! HELP NEEDED

I've only started watchin Naruto 8 weeks ago, but i've got pretty much up to speed on everything that has happened so far, but I need some help. I missed quite a few episodes in the middle around about where Konoha got wrecked by Orichimaru until Naruto and Sasuke fight. Then i started watchin it from there again. I also read a bit of manga, and I want to know if the manga is ahead of the anime episodes, cos I read stuff that I definately haven't seen in the episodes, like Gaara gettin captured and killed or sumfin like that, with sum puppet lady fighting her grandson. I also wanna know, if this stuff is in the future, WHERE'S SASUKE AND WHY AREN'T THEY MENTIONING HIM IN THERE?!?! Have they given up lookin for him or sumfin?
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