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there aren't many fan-fics here, so i guess Im the only one, its fan-fic of naruto and bleach, its called "Bleach vs Naruto", the title is obvious, characters from bleach fighting characters from naruto, the story SUCKS, and the plot SUCKS, but the action rules,

Chapter 1-War of The Worlds...Not Starring Tom Cruise....

It was dark and Naruto was laying on the floor of a cold wet dungeon like area, he heard the drip of water off in the distance, he slowly picked himself up to his feet and his eyes slowly adjusted to the dark room...he looked over to his left, then his right, there was only one candle so it took a while to make out what his surroundings were. It was all wet brick wall, the pungent stench of mildew reeked from the wet brick walls...he looked around for a bit to quickly notice he was completley boxed in, no windows, doors or anything in the room, a complete cube of brick...

"Where--....what the hell is this place...I don't know how the hell I got here....hhmmm"

Naruto held his hand out and focused his chakra to make a rasengan, only no rasengan appeare din his hand, it was as if his whole chakra was non existant


Naruto ran up to the wall and started bangging with his fists and yelling at the top of his lungs

"god damnit let me out, let me out LET.......ME...OUT!"

*half an hour later*

"LET............ME.........OUTTTT!!! "

Suddenly the wall opened up behind him, as if it was some kind of secret door, 2 armourd figurs walke din, their bodies completely full of armor, their faces not visible through their helmets

Guard: "you!, come!"

Naruto: "who the hell do you think you are dealing with! what the hell is--"

His sentence wa scut off, his body completly frozen, he couldnt move even his eyes, he could barley even breath, they dragged his lifeless body out into an arena, it looke dmuch a like a roman colissium, their was a crows full of humanoid figures all cheering

Naruto: "what the hell is this" (his body quickly unfreezing)

guard: "the collisium, if you wish to return must fight...and win"

Naruto: "???"

guard: "look"
The guard pointed to the far part of the colissium where a slightly older man wearing a samuri's outfit was on his knees with his arms behind his back, he was frozen like naruto was before

Naruto: "why the hell should I fight...I could just kick your ass and then go home myself!"

guard: "oh really?..."

Again naruto was frozen, his body was stuck and he couldnt move like an invisible hand was squezzing him...after about 10 seconds he was released

Naruto: shyt, what kind of people are these guys, takign me while I was sleeping and putting me into a collissium...all I remebe ris going to sleepa nd waking up here....but I cant get past that genjutsu thing they keep using....oh well, I guess fighting a little won't be so bad...after all I an the leaf's future HOKAGE!!!!

At the far side of the collisium the man was released and put up a small fight with the gaurds, he was frozen again and he too submitted and decided he had to fight...the two walked into the center of the collissium, the crowd went silent as a 15 foot tall man also completely covered with armour, emerged from a high balcony

Blacony Man: From the world of spirits...A man known as Abarai Renji! and from the world of Wars! Uzumaki Naruto!

The crowd cheered enormusly, ready to see some blood and guts

Naruto: "Oy, metal @$$, who the hell do think you are! Let me go now!

Balcony Man:" I am the great Fortanbross!, and this is the chasm of time!, the land between dimensions! Every 1,000,000,000,000 years we bring 2 dimensions together, to witness war!"

Naruto: "what kind fo sick and mentally disturbed people are you!...dimension between times...your all nut cases, NOW LET GO!

Renji: "it's no use..."

Naruto:"what the hell do you know?"

Renji:"this is a mystical collisium between dimensions, supposedly every couple of trillion years they take the warrirors of 2 worlds and bring them here to fight to the death, which ever world has more alive gets to go back to normal, they others stay here and become and energy source, or food or something like that...I thought it was just a myth, but it's true...we have to fight......I am very sorry for this kid..."

Renji drew his sword, it transforme dinto its shi-kai form, a longer version of its original katana shape, with ridges sort of like spikes coming out of one side

Naruto:"so that's how it that case Im not sorry at all....KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!, you will wish you helped me instead of giving in to them!

Ten clones appeared surrounding Renji

Naruto: a bigger sword, I bet its just a genjutsu...Im not scared of this idiot

the clones rushed in at Renji, when they were all about to punch suddenly his sword became like a whip, the individual spikes split apart being held together by a sort of metal rope

The whip like blade slashed through all the clones in one easy stroke, like a warm knife through butter, they disappeared into a cloud of smoke, but through the cloud of smoke came another wake of clones, this one twice as big as the last, once again the whip sword slashed through them all, this time in two easy stroke...The fight lasted for about 5 mintues of straight waves of clones, in the end Renji was standing tall without a sctratch...naruto was standing just abrely, exhasuted from making all the clones

Naruto:damnit, no matter what i do he just keeps killing them easy...I gotta try something else...(brief moment)....I know what to do!

Yet another wave of clones came forth, they rushed forward at Renji's head, he swiped through them with ease making a huge cloud of smoke, through the smoke darted a single kunai, renji quickly moved his head a few inches to the left and the kunai shot right past him

Renji: "you'll never beat me like that, I am not some stupid idiot with a sword i won't fall for thar shyt kid"

Naruto: "oh really?"

The smoke quickly cleared and Naruto appeared standing in front of renji with a smirk on his face...Just then a barrage of kunais hit into Renji's back, the blood splattered everywhere, and renji turned around to see another Naruto behind him

naruto: "cause I think you just did...jackass..."

The renji could hardly stand up after the immense blow of kunais to his back, his back wa sinjured and he was almsot on his knees...The two naruto rushed forward and jumpe dinto the air above renji, where their hands grabbed eachother

Naruto:"Odama Rasengan!"

A huge rasengan appeared between their hands as they fell the Huge rasengan hit into Renji's upper back, a huge explosion of chakra on contact....and when the dust cleared renji was on the floor bloody, and Naruto was standing their on his knees

Blacony Man: "winner....Uzumaki Naruto!"

The crowd roared once again

To be continued in chapter 2...
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