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initial D live action... (read!)

ok, if you're in here, you're probably here for 1 of 3 reasons:

1: to call me a fool for posting this so late
2: curiosity as to why I put (read!) on it
3: to see what I have to say about the film

Ok, I hope you're all in here for 3 =P and I know it's old hat that there's a live action movie, but, tbh, if you got the wird translation of it, you'll know that the subs were shite. I was disappointed, but! I can tell you, that for the action I was bloody impressed. Now, where's this all going? I hear you ask, well, it's going to this:

What's that? I hear you say, well, it's a link to the JAPANESE trailer for the movie. It would seem it's getting dubbed into japanese, and hopefully, will be translated by someone competent this time
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