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Chapter 275 Discussion (Spoilers)

I read the raw with a seperate page of tanslations, not the best way to enjoy a chapter but, it was enjoyed none the less.

Alot of suprises in this chapter, well atleast alot to me. Finally we see the REAL end of the Sasori and Sakura fight, something I know alot of people have been waiting for. For me, the whole thing is just a very sad story, I like Sasori alot and leave it to Koshimoto to actualy make me feel a bit sorry for a very very bad man. Now that the whole fight is over, looking back on it I will say that Sasori was truly worthy of the Akatsuki reputation. If there are four more people like him lurking in a cave somewhere then Naruto and company are in for quite a battle. I cant wait to see the rest of the Organization. Speaking of "that organization", what about the great reward Sasori gave Sakura for defeating him? Who on earth could Sasori be talking about? All in all great chapter, one of my favorites by far. I think its safe to say some very shocking events are going to transpire in the comming chapters.

Last Page Text:

Sasori is down... Then the fight with Deidara, the other of the Akatsuki, to the climax!!
At this time, in Kakashi's left eye appears...!!?

Let the theories began as to what we see on the last page. I personaly have no clue, but you already know its going to own.

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