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Originally Posted by dexlimp
for me i think it's a mangekyo sharingan. maybe he is the one itachi is talking about when he assassinate the uchiha clan. when he told sasuke that if he can unlock it, there will be three of them that can use it. but i can't imagine or i can't believe that kakashi would kill his closest friend as what the mangekyo requirement is. well, it's just my own opinion.
Naah i doubt that itachi knew about kakashi's magenkyou at that time, since that conversation was very long ago.Also i f itachi knew about kakashi's power he wouldnt have confronted him so lightly the first time we've seen them fight. The leader of the akatsuki, i believe is the 3rd magenkyou user, since he does have sharingan and he is the only, other, survivor of the uchiha

Also that requirement was just itachi's requirement. I dont think that is the absolutely only way to get the mangekyou and that's what sasuke thinks too. And if that is the only way, well his closest friend is already dead, and he got his eye as well so that passes him :P

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