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My opinion on the show is.....its suks. And wuts a joot-su?

First off , the bad voice acting.....and yes its bad...... and when its not bad its generic and un-emotional at best.

Secondly, the sound effects suk also, and most of the sound track has been replaced with fake rock music. This goes for both the opening and the lame closing....

Third, The pronouciation of everything has been pissed on completely. Names, ninja terms, Ranks,the word jutsu, you name it, chances are they said it wrong.

All in all the show realy lacks the heart and emotion of the original, it has no feeling and all the seriousness has been taken out of it for some reason. Personaly I think it has been completly might get better.......but I know it probaly wont

There is a good thing about the show though. Its realy colorful and clear. I've been watching it for two years on a computer so on tv, it looks realy good! And I can see everything fianlly.

Im probaly not going to watch it anymore, I rather stick to downloading and watching the real deal. If I wanna see old episodes Ill watch the japanese ones because Naruto on Toonami SUXXXXX

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