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question, what was the opening like?

Originally Posted by Tazmo from
Wow... that is one way to describe the initial feeling of what just happened. Episode 1 & 2 of the Naruto anime series just aired on Toonami's Cartoon Network block and really many people were pleasantly surprised to see that it was a GOOD dub as is evident by the amount of praise that played out on the very busy Naruto Forums tonight as we had a live thread about these episodes going on that quickly saw many people join in, as I'm sure we will have next week. There really was only one very disheartening thing about these episodes, and it doesn't even have anything to do with the actual episode itself. My friends, I'm sorry to tell you that Akeboshi's Wind was not included as the ending theme song. It's ok, it's ok, I'll give you a minute to recover. Despite the fact that both the opening and ending themes were changed, it was a good showing of what VIZ will continue to bring us in the future with their anime series.

Now of course I have compiled an edit list of everything that was editted in the first two episodes, or anything that I noticed anyways and considered noteworthy. Firstly, I would like to say that the names were all left the same. Naruto is Naruto, Hokage is Hokage, Iruka is Iruka and so on. The technique names are also going with a practical literal translation, unlike the Manga series that VIZ also is in control of. There is no Doppelganger! There IS a Sexy Jutsu, but there is not any blood coming out of the nose of the Sexy Jutsu victim (look for that in the uncut DVD's). The content for the episodes is also the same, including the very important emotionally charged background music. I think we were all just overjoyed to hear things said with the correct words, for an example it is Iruka Sensei instead of the Master Iruka we saw in the English manga. There is so many things that could be said about these two episodes, I will have to rate them 8/10.

Now, a few of you may argue with the majorities point of view that this was a good dub, and that the voices were actually pretty good, and that is alright. You can have your say, but it really is hard to argue the fact that this is much better than almost anyone expected. The words were kept to what they should be, they were pronounced as they should be pronounced in the English language, afterall the voice actors are not Japanese and should not be expected at all to have the way of speaking only the Japanese have. The video and animation quality was also very good, and I can't help but feel relieved that doomsday is not upon us. The only way you could look at this with an overly negative attitude is if you were too busy trying to find the bad things instead of focusing on all of the good things that we have repeatedly hoped and prayed would be included. Looking forward to #3 (and of course Episode 151 of the Japanese Naruto anime series, coming Wednesday)!

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