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thing with me is that I never have high hopes for dubbed anime,and although I'm very pleased with some anime if they do it right, FMA is Allright, .hack was just fine, but

the japanese language is kind of poetic the way it is.

alot more sounds, it's more unique then plain old english.

although when i'm braindead I do prefer the good ole english.

for the most part, this dubb satasfied me, to be honest I expected much worse.
Although, I'm rather open, and I can tolerate voice actors.

Naruto is one of those animes for in which I love to make fun of when I watch it, but I love it. It's a downright good anime. It's got action, story, and good characters, to which every character in the show I like.. Lots, even kabuto and Orochimaru.

And then it's got this certain streched out Soap opera effect, to which I make fun of by screaming IRUKA NOOOO! or NO! NOT NARUTO! or Orochimaru you bastard! much to the distaste of my hyperpsudo super conservative christian neightbor. (nothing against christians but she just happens to scare me.. and if you knew her you would know why.)
Anyway, big pet peeve I had with the show was naruto saying BELIEVE IT!

which i added a certain profanity afterwards, hehe..

Besides that, I liked mizuki's voice the best, Naruto was okay, I like that paraticular voice actor, (I rechonize it as milo from oblongs, and possibly that kid from king of the hill) Iruka was fine, the third was fine, when I heard kohonamaru's voice I yelled, "Whooo I'm a cute little brat! fear me! just wait till I reviel that my personal trainer is a closet pervert at the expense of the american censors!"

Sakura was okay, sasuke? eh, I dunno about that, but I guess it suits him as good as it can.

my opinion is, it was dubbed for the toonami audience who brought us Dragon Ball Z, what were you expecting? Only Adult swim gets the fairly reasonable dubs.
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