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Wow, this is really a dub that can grow on me. The pronounciations were as good as we could have hoped for, since this is pretty much Viz's first dub with high expectations. And I really liked Naruto's voice. Kakashi's souned kinda...Trippy in the commercial, like he was high or something. And Iruka's voice was the BEST! I watched the encore and compared it to ep. 1 of the ANBU-AonE fansub, and I'd reaslly have to give it a 93% out of 100. The only beefs I had were they took out every piece of blood except the bloodstains. i.e., when Iruka caught Mizuki's shuriken in his back. They removed the blood that had splattered around him, but kept the blood that was on his vest at the start of the forest scene. O.o;; Anywho, like I said. It gets a 93% out of 100 for me. Unlike most of my colleauges, I pretty much liked the fact that Naruto said "Believe it!" rather than "Dattebayo!". Can you imagine how odd it'd sound for kids to run around at school yelling "DATTEBAYO!"? Sheesh, I love it. Also, the phrases for the teachers was weird. They kept saying "Mizuki-sensei! Iruka-sensei!" I know it was like that in the manga, but they coulda steered away from bad tries at honorifics this time. Earn that 94%, you [explicitive deleted]. Hmm, I wouldn't put this above something like the Escaflowne movie (which I'm watching right now) or even GetBackers, but I'd definitely shell out for the uncut dvd's.

Final Analysis:

+Superb voices for most characters (Ino, you really sound like a pig!, Hinata, your voice is perfect!!)
+More tolerable catch phrase (We've come from "Dattebayo!" to "Believe it!". What a massive step. [Insert sarcasm])
+Most of the original content was left in (Hooray for Konohamaru's sigil.)
- 3rd Hokage sounds completely weird, even when spoken of by other characters (I'd have sworn it was Hoe-cage. Must've been me.)
- Verbal abuse has been toned down (Inner Sakura- "I kick butt!" -_-;; That's just tacky..)
- Opening theme completely ruined (They just used background music and clips from various openings over some fool pretending to yell "Naruto" in japanese. Seriously, was it that hard to request Asian Kung-Fu Generation and the others for permission?)

Overall Grade: 93.4%

Final Comments: A must buy for those who were just introduced, but long-time fans are better off with the fansubs. Plus, it's just easier to hear "Believe it!" yelled by your little brother than "Dattebayo!"

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