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I just watched the first 2 eps subbed so i could make comparisons, and i realized the voice acting in the first episode definetely isn't as good as it gets later on, but then it pretty much got as good in the 2nd episode. The dub did some things wrong, no blood, messing up the pronounciations, yet all those could easily be overlooked, i mean it's Naruto as clear as it's ever been, but then you get to the Voice actors, as far as i can tell they weren't bad, they're just not the characters, they lack personality, Naruto just sounds dumb, the things he says doesn't match his voice....let's see, oh yeah they ruined Iruka's voice, it was probably the worst, luckily he's not in it too much, from what i heard of Sakura, Shikamaru, and Ino, bad, can't say that for sure yet since they didn't have too many lines though. What's good in the dub is the Third's voice, they nailed it IMO, and Ebisu was really really good(after comparing i realized that when he's panicking, the english VA sounds exactly like the original)Konahamaru was alright, Mizuki, not bad...though only one character out of those is really important.
And i heard Kakashi's voice in the preview, it might not be bad, but no matter what it's bad, yet i doubt anyone could have found a good Kakashi, and i thought i heard Sasuke, but i hope i'm wrong.
In closing i feel they ruined the tone of the show, it may still be good, especially to people new to Naruto, but it's not gonna be the same, or as good as the original.

Oh yeah if you thought Hokage was ho-cage you must read the manga only then, right?
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