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Look i really don't care about the blood, as it hasn't been a problem yet, it's just later there are things worse then nose bleeds happening. Did anyone else find it weird that they censored the blood yet left the part where Naruto tells Mizuki he'll kill him?
As far as censorship goes, it's too be expected from a show airing on toonami, that's not the real problem, it's the bad dub. I didn't watch this dub just looking for the bad things in it, i watched it hoping it'd be really good, yet i was disappointed in it, the voice actors do not display the range of emotions of the original, it seems they went ahead and americanized the show, and for an anime like this, it's not good. Maybe i saw all these problems cause i wanted to like the show too much, i wanted to believe that they would take such a huge licenese more seriously. As i said before, to people new to Naruto, it may be good, but to someone like me who has watched 150 eps subbed, the voice actors don't have the range or emotion to make this a worthwhile dub.
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