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Itachi_Chidoi is an unknown quantity at this point
when i first watched the first episode on cn(downloaded off of bittorrent)
i think mostly the voice actors were great because
the actor that plays sakura sounds great but not that great
the voice actor for Sarutobi Sandaime(Hokage#3) was decent but he should make his voice make deeper.
the ino and shikmaru was neither good or bad but fine
Iruka(Voice Actor:Quinton Flynn), very close to the japanese voice actor
Sasuke: i hope his sounds great because he did the prince in The Prince of Persia and besides he said he is "Fluent in Japanese" , i bet he can pronouce his last name like in the japanese ver. and his techinques like Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu and so fourth....
Hinata's voice actor was fanastic, it sounds like the japanese voice actor of her

but naruto's voice actor has to be a fat woman.....y?
the fat lady also did the female version of naruto(ew), why don't they hired another actor that sounds like the female naruto instead of keeping the same character. if i have time i will dl the second episode and see when naruto transformed in the female naruto and first talked to that part when naruto refuses to retake the photo when the hokage told him to...
i wished it was tara strong or ash from pokemon or something else

the intro and ending songs were bad because y don't they put the regular music in, besides why does inyusha have the same songs as they did in the japanese version.

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