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Originally Posted by shiek
The dubb was great! Stop bitching sub title whore! You can't expect it to be the exact same in america. THis was a great dubb! Possibly the best on Toonami!!!!
God I hope you get banned from the forums. dude. They are possible little kids on on the forums and some of us are sick of your cursing. dude.

And dude of course it won't be the same in america duH! Some of us can't speak a different langauge. dude.

P.S. Naruto isn't the best dub on Toonami, but it probably is the best Ninja show on Toonami. dude.

P.S.S And dudes the intro and outro (dude) were awful makes me want to throw up. dude.

OMG! It's like I don't care! Cause I don't!

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