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Originally Posted by Helbagate
Near defeat, Corbenik's last action is to send out Data Drain attacks against EVERYONE. Black Rose, Balmung, Wiseman and the rest get zapped out of The World. Kite is next, but Elk has a change of heart and leaps in front of Kite in time to save him. Regaining his resolve, Kite rushes forward, evading the Data Drain attacks, and jumps towards Corbenik. At the last moment, Aura appears between Kite and Corbenik - both Aura and Corbenik are destroyed by Kite's Twinblade attack. Kite is stunned, but soon discovers that all of the outside coma victims are recovering, including Kazu, Sieg and Orca. Additionally, Aura and Morganna have their code reset, and they also return to The World. For Morganna, this means that she has become more peaceful. For Aura, this means that the Ultimate AI has been "born".

Eventually, Aura visits Kite and gives him the Bracelet again. Helba contacts the boy, giving him her member address, and the addresses of Subaru, Sora and Tsukasa. Helba's stats are completely maxed out, and she is a great addition to the game as a playable NPC. But, after a while, Kite realizes that Subaru, Sora and Tsukasa are really just trash AI's, refuse left over from a previous server reset. The trash AIs are confused, having no memories from prior to when they just woke up, but they are available to be added to the party. Then, Kite and Elk hear reports of a cat-like creature wandering in the game. They visit the bottom of the deepest dungeon in The World and discover Maha. Maha turns into Mia, but she too has lost all of her memories. Elk is thunderstruck at discovering that Mia can't remember any of their time together in The World, but Kite helps out the both of them by instructing Elk to stay by Mia's side and "help her remember". Kite is now free to explore The World again, with the entire party available to choose from. However, outside of one remaining side quest (collect all 700+ items in the game) there is no longer anything else to do.


Following the defeat of Morganna, Helba and Lios work to track down any remaining fragments of her AI. When they find something, they dispatch Orca, Balmung and Kite to delete the corrupted code. Eventually, it looks like The World is back to normal, and that nothing remains of Morganna. To celebrate, Helba invites everyone from both .Hack//Sign and the PS2 games to Net Slum for an evening of fireworks, music and dancing. Some of the characters meet for the first time, including Tsukasa and Mia. Tsukasa recognizes Macha immediately, but Mia's memory has been reset and she doesn't remember Tsukasa at all. Tsukasa tells us that "he" has found a place in the real world where she feels safe, allowing her to go anywhere she wants, with the knowledge that she has somewhere to retreat to if she needs it. From their conversations, it appears that many of the players have stopped playing, and haven't seen each other for a while. Tsukasa, Subaru and Mimiru have gotten together a couple of times in the real world, but not on a regular basis. Bear and BT remain close, and there is a possibility of a budding romance, if Bear can cut back on his writing schedule, and BT can loosen up some more. Aura also shows up for the festivities, but does nothing more than wave to Tsukasa and Subaru.

Shortly after waking up, Aura encounters a 9-year-old boy who is an absolute game fanatic. The boy invites Aura to join him in exploring The World. During this time, the boy confides to her that he wants to grow up to be a hero. Unfortunately, the boy's classmates tease him about being a fanboy, and he quits playing games altogether. About the same time, Aura starts spinning off clones of herself as her "daughters".

Here ends the story of Kite and Black Rose.
Part 5
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