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Originally Posted by Dosu
DAMNIT!!! once again I must stick up for my favorite character when no one else will, I can't belive I'm the only one in the whole freakin world who thinks Dosu is cool, DAMNIT!!!

1) Dosu-best character ever, he even managed to smack down Lee!!!
2) Kankuro-awesome as hell, and badass ability
3) Kiba-bullshited out of his victories
4) Temari-the only female ninja worth metioning (maybe hinata to)
5) Zabuza-best death scene ever!!!
I like Dosu, I think all sound ninjas are cool but he was tyte tho. I liked the way he acted, dude was arrogant as hell. He also had that crazy fur on his back and on top of that, he had a great weapon. Too bad he got murked by Gaara, he could have been somebody......maybe

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