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Overated Characters

Ok, I know already that I'm going to get some backlash for this one, but it has to be said, I must stand for those, that like myself, feel that there is a serious over production of certain characters. The first on the chopping block is Sasuke, I know everyone loves Sasuke, but not me. Sasuke in my opinon is incredibly overated and quite frankly, isn't that interesting. Now as a main character it's expected that he will gain a certain level of popularity amoung the masses, and thats fine, My problem is when I post about my favorite character (guess witch one...) and hundreds of Sasuke fans not only tell me that I am wrong, but go on and on about how cool Sasuke is, if you like Sasuke fine, you don't need to convince me of your point ten times over, because ninety nine people before just did the same damn thing!!! I know he has the sharingan "Like oh my god!!!" I could give a rats ass about the freaking sharingan at this point, every damn thing is about the freaking sharingan, I DON'T CARE!!! it's not that cool, as far blood limits go it's so god damned over used!!! And the same thing applies to Kakashi and Itachi, I have a whole list of reasons why I think there're over rated to, but it will have to wait. The next thing is the Chidori, everytime Sasuke fights now, it's Chidori chidori chidori,AHH!!! I'm so tired of seeing that attack, and the same damn thing with the Rasengan, I'm tired of that move to, I mean every time they use one of them, another rule in Naruto is broken, want to kill a Kage? Chidori or Rasenagn, anyway damnit, I have to go for now, but I'll be back...
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