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Originally Posted by #1 Bad Guy
I agree with Dosu. Sasgay is very over rated, I've been screaming that since I started watching Naruto. But that is the great thing about Naruto. There are so many characters, and they are all so unique to each other that everyone has a favorite no matter how much, or how little they have been in the show. Or no matter how lame or cool you think each one is. So whatever, you dont like Sasuke- good, put in ya signature, not on the boards. Make a fan club if you really feel so strong about it cause its just gonna start a bunch of dumb arguments, and there is enough "dumbness" on these boards as it is.

But since you did start it, Ill do my job as a bad guy and fan the flames of this fire.

Other overrated chracters include:
Itachi-not as powerful as people make him out to be
Kiba-really hasnt pulled his weight in any mission, and he suks at fighting plus, no cool moves to me
Choji-should have died during the Sasgay rescue mission

Bet alot of yous dont like that Itachi Comment lol, guess what......i dont care what you like, I only care what I think, that is my way of the ninja lol

They're not dumb arguments. They're friendly debates. That is what forums are for. People expressing their thoughts and ideas.
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