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Dosu is an unknown quantity at this point
Originally Posted by narutorokks
he didnt beat lee single handedly.the other 2 helped him.or lee had him with sec. lotus
well, your partly right, Zaku helped him, Kin did nothing really, and all Zaku did was cushion the blow, now I will admit, had Lee succeeded in slaming Dosu into the ground with the secondary Lotus, chances are he would have been out of the fight, now that being said, we don't really know what would have happened even if Lee had finished, maybe Dosu could have toloerated the pain (in the manga he does seem a bit masocistic) maybe he could have broke out of it himself and let Zaku do it to conserve his chakra, we don't really know for sure, I mean honestly Lee's secondary lotus doesn't have the best success rate in Naruto, seeing as how it has failed every time he has used, but like I said, I will give Lee odds though, chances are Dosu would have been knocked out, but the fact remains Dosu fought Lee and won (with only two moves mind you, and thats better then Gaara ha!) one of the primary skills needed for a ninja is teamwork, and Dosu and his team proved they are better at that then other teams, it was Lee's folly for thinking he could win against an entire team he knew nothing about (other then Dosu had a attack hidden in his attack), so I still give the victory to Dosu.
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