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Dosu is an unknown quantity at this point
Originally Posted by #1 Bad Guy
I like Dosu, I think all sound ninjas are cool but he was tyte tho. I liked the way he acted, dude was arrogant as hell. He also had that crazy fur on his back and on top of that, he had a great weapon. Too bad he got murked by Gaara, he could have been somebody......maybe
Honestly I think him and his team really could have kicked ass if they had been given a proper chance, but it was obvious practically from the start that they were doomed, I mean in the opening where they show all of the teams, the sound team was no where to be seen, they were never really intended to keep going, and that really pisses me off! as for Dosu being somebody, I actually doubt his death, in Naruto they tend to make it a point to show a body ,or some kind of remains of a character who has been killed, but not with Dosu, they also were kind of hinting that maybe he had the potential to become an important character, and while some of this is wishfull thinking on my part, I really don't think he is truely dead.
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