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Dosu is an unknown quantity at this point
Originally Posted by narutorokks
first of all ur double posting .that being said...thats totally crap.if dosu had faced lee in the third round or the prelim before third...itd b 1 on 1 n zaku wudnt b there to help him.he wud have lost to lee.i think wen lee opens the gates he even surpasses the speed of light as no 1 could see him wen he opened the gates against gaara.therefore sound is no problem for lee as his speed surpasses it.3 people fought 1 and u giv the victory to dosu.thats a load of BS
yeah, he surpasses the speed of light, you keep going with that theory kiddo, I'm just gonna walk back over here to reality now, but you have fun with that thought........
oh, and I give him the win 1, because it wasn't 3 on one,I said that above, pay attention, Kin never once enetered the fight with Dosu and Lee 2, Zaku helped once to cushion the blow, he didn't attack Lee once 3, it was Lee's over confidence that got him beat, any ninja with half a bit of sence in that situation would have saved thier trump card for last, rather then using it one his first oppenent, one way or another, even if Dosu hadn't of beat him, Zaku and Kin would have!
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