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Originally Posted by DarknessDraqon
right but airplanes are pratical and useful. Where as in consule races when a consule might last for about 5-10 years tops. Even if it is a good idea/ a great idea even, if it doesn't follow the set guidelines it runs the chance of being ignored for the reasons you just stated and then forgotten. I will complement them on steping out of the box and I hope it works but I don't know. Gamecube was a huge faliure even though it was an awsome system. I just hope revolution isn't the same.

me too! Right now PS3 is losing 3rd party support because the graphics are alienating developers. PS3 they said every strand of hair is done seperately. Game for PS3 would be impractical.

THe only things that I see suceeding are 360 and Rev.

Microsoft and nintendo are complimenting each other. I hope they do a double team on Sony for that warioware rip off they did that is coming to PSP!!!!! It looks simular to mario and luigi!!!!!!

What happened to Typhoon_4434?
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