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Official New Naruto Games Thread

If you havn't heard by now two highy anticipated Naruto games are comming out this fall in Japan. Both are fighting games based on the Naruto anime series. The games are both sequals of previous Naruto games and they both offer new chracters, stages, jutsu as well as a multitude of other new stuff which we will discover in the months to come. Im going to track the progress of both of the games on this thread up until release becuase Im sure many people want to know everything possible about these games. (I know I do)

Fisrt up is the PS2 Game entiltled Narutimate Hero 3. This game will feature a return of the very popular "Manga" style cell-shaded graphics. Expect more detailed chracters and alot more jutsu in this game. As a PS2 owner this is the one I am really looking forward to. The last Narutimate Hero was nothing short of amazing....

Publisher: Bandai
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Fighting
Origin: Japan
Release: Fall 2005

What we know about it:

-This time the game will have a number of new systems, including new super combos for Naruto and Sasuke, which can be used when Nine Tails or Cursed Seal power is full. New characters from the anime series will also appear in the game. (check screens link!)

- A new combo system which will feature a large variety of Naruto Kage Buushin combos

- May possibly be released in the US next year

Here are some screens of Narutimate Hero 3!!!!

So far these are the only screens that have made thier way onto the net. From the looks of it this is going to be just a good as the previous Narutimate Hero games.

Next up is the Gamecube game entitled Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4.
Like the PS2 game this new Naruto fighting game will also feature an imporoved fighting system and alot more new chracters as well as new jutsu and stages. Gamecubers will be happy to know that this game will feature 4-player figting as well. Here's the stats...

Publisher: Tomy
Platform: GameCube
Genre: Fighting
Origin: Japan
Release: November 20, 2004

What we know about it:

- The sound 5 are a few of the game's vaious new chracters. All the screenshots have had the sound 5 in their level 2 monster form so it it not known if you will be able to play as the group on their regular human form

- Rumored to contain over 40 playable chracters

Some very nice screens of Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4

Looks like another great sequal.

New info and and screens will be posted as soon as they become avaliable. Keep an eye an this thread for all info on both of these new games.

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