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Originally Posted by Akatsuki Shinobi
omg..are you a hippy??? ( well i hippy's are fun too!!!)
oh well....i heard...." there are things in this world, only these things, that live in our world, and give nothing back to nature, unlike animals , that keep the balance in nature when living, but these creatures do not...they re called virus's, they consum, and leave one area once it's been striped of all know what you are? a virus, as are the rst of you humans, wich is why i choose to destroy them, why it is my duty" .........forget where i get it from tho, but ya, people seem to think we are bad for the earth, but in th end, we do have the ability for good, and evil, there are people born with no heart's, who care nothing, and kill all!!!!!!!!!
well, DarkAztek!!! every body else seems to think that there's good and evil!!!!!
Wtf? am I a hippy? How the fuck am I a hippy -.- because I'm stating the fact that HUMANS are killing the earth? Ooh sorry, I like to think. So anyone who cares about what's gonna happen to this earth is a hippy eh? FIne you just go into your little naive little mind and pretend all is good in the world, and nature isn't dying. Go pretend you don't notice the increase in Hurricans, or the fact that even here in Canada the winters are going till March, and the summers are hot as hell.
GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (now imagine that 100 billion decibels louder than your average fire truck alarm and you will get the summation of my feelings towards your childish bickering)

If you gave me the letters hrt you could give me [ea] to get h[ea]rt or [u] to get h[u]rt, but I'd rather have hurt than a heart without [u]
- GOD I love that. You could give me a hundred thousand million years and I wouldn't have thought of that.

All this time I've spent trying to change into someone you would love, I didn't notice you changed into someone I can't love anymore. Goodbye My King .


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