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damn it! you and i are thinking exactly the same! snape is still on the good side. anywayz i believe snape and -uh hum- have planned about this before the story on the 6th began. -uh hum- would sacrifice himself so that snape can continue to be a spy on voldemort without any doubts. and he can help harry to locate the horcr***s ( you know what i meant) by making voldy crack into telling him where they are(snape by now probably will become his most loyal servant). -uh hum- strongly believed already that voldy had resorted to making horcr***s but tried to get the solid proof on that, by taking slughorn's memory.

i mean, why would you think -uh hum- had cracked by trusting snape? we know him by making shrewd decisions that turned out to be right.
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