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Originally Posted by Coribn117
Ehh, I think he is talking about the chuunin guys from the exam, you know, the two that were pretending to be genin on the second floor... but there are tons of characters that people dont even remember....

However, since these characters have only been seen for a minute or two, its hard to say anything about them besides "Oh yeah... those guys...



What about em?"

PS: Anko and Ibiki arnt underrated O_o
See, thats what I'm talking about, people simply dismiss theses charcters because they don't play as big a role, and thats what I'm trying to change, I'm trying to get people to understand that even if a character isn't featured as often, they are still just as good (if not better at times) then even the main characters, I'm not saying everyone has to agree with me, or start to like the characters I like, I'm just trying to shed some much needed light on these otherwise forgoten characters, because if I don;t who will? also, how are Anko and Ibiki not underrated? most people don't even rember thier names? Anko has one fight thus far, and barely counted, Ibiki has had even less, I'm just saying it would be nice to see them do something cool, rather then constantly glorifying Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, or a few other select characters. Oh, and the to chunnins were these two-

Kotetsu (left) Isumo (right)
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