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Ehh, you'd be suprised how many people remember and like Anko and Ibiki...

I'm a member of several different forums and have seen quite a few "who is your favorite character" polls, and more often than not, Anko and Ibiki are in the top 5 (out of like 20)...

And what I was trying to get across in my other post is that, while you can notice rarely used chars as much as you want, there just isnt much to talk about when it comes to them...

The guy in your first post, Shigure, we never saw him do anything besides taunt Gaara, unleash a rain of needles with his umbrellas, then get crushed. What can you say about that? There isnt enough known to have more than snippits of conversation about him...

And Oboro and his teammates have shown up twice (I think), not counting the very beginning of the Forest of Death... That is one area where I agree with you, they are underrated, but mainly because they were beaten back by team seven both times they showed up... Well, that and they look kinda stupid

Zouri and the other samurai guy (dont know his name) arnt mentioned simply because they were really pathetic o_o;;

I mean, naruto took them out in like ten seconds, and Haku had already proven that he could kill them in the blink of an eye.

The Demon brothers were semi-famous for a while, because people liked their first encounter with enemy nins, but then we saw better chars who could actually be discussed for more than a few sentenses, so they kind of faded into the background...


PS: You were right, they were talking about Mizuki, I was just scanning their post the first time and saw the words "chuunin" and "exam" even though they werent even next to each other...

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