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Originally Posted by kazu_chan
haha ^^ harry potter thread..!!!!
gosh dont get me started..f%ckin snape that stupid idiot, cant believe that -uh hum- died...
and gosh this book was liek the intro to the 7th cant wait till that book comes out, it's gonna be aweasome harry, hermione and ron not going to school and tracking voldemort i cant wait..!!!!
anyways i hav been talkin to a lot of my friends abt wat happened between snap and -uh hum- and most of them including me think that snape is actually good..
i mean in the beginning of the book, snape made a promise wit his sister and -uh hum- probably knows abt it so he told snape to kill him instead of snape himself dying from breaking the promise...
arg malfoy that idiot....
i was about to say that... i love the books and the movies...
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