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Exclamation Save One Piece

One Piece is a very beloved anime.................until 4kids butched it!

PBS kids has more violence than One Piece. There was even blood in 2 Authur episodes! They talked about death in Sesame Street when Mr. Hoppkins died!!! THey don't even kill anyone off in one piece even if it was crucal to the plot.

They replaced all the guns! They had guns in G rated movies like Bambi, and Loony Toons(Elmer Fudd)!!!!! One Piece dubb replaced it with toy guns taht shot out corks!

THey even took out all traces of Japanese culture!!!!!! THey replaced that one time when the girl gave Zoro oops, I mean Zolo a rice ball they replaced it with COOKIES!

Don't watch this and when the ratings go down, they will change their ways!
Same thing with Dragonball. It was edited like One Piece until it got low ratings from boycotts so it started to open up with the blood.

Again I will post the site!


I hardly call 500+ edits, over 30 missing episodes, changing music, names and characters backgrounds making the "minimum amount of changes." They even promised us there would be no unnecessary name changes. That was a lie. Zoro's name was changed to Zolo. Captain Smoker's name was changed to Chaser. Loguetown was changed to Roguetown and on and on and on.

What happened to Typhoon_4434?
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